The Lonely Tower

xxxlonlytowerA moment of relax… Rapunzel in salad-green dress. She was named after a salad, so I think it fits.

The Phantom of Cold Gray – last one

xxxghost-gray.jpgOne more scanned today. I have run short of my Fabriano postcard-size paper, so this is definitely last phantom coming out of Liquitex watercolor bottle.

The Phantom of Cobalt Blue

xxxghost-blueAnd here isĀ  another experiment with Liquitex watercolor.

The Phantom of Viridian Green

xxxghost-viridianPlaying with Liquitex watercolor:) Postcard size picture painted mostly with viridian green (of course!) I have more bottles of this Liquitex stuff, so the series may be continued.

Three Pigs

xxxthreepigsJust before the wolf jumped in through the chimney…Koh-i-Noor crayons, mostly.