Egg Hunt Master

xxxmisiekRabbit thinks too long, Eeyore doesn’t belive in himself and Pooh gets easily distracted: I’m sure Piglet’s a winner of the game. This is Easter picture for a friend and also an experiment. It’s all gouache. A bit of pencil, too, but no watercolor this time.

Little Violin Player

xxxhammelinThis is a miniature Hamelin musician; his job is to get caterpillars out of the garden. Ink, watercolor and little additions (watercolor pencil, white gel pen)

Valentine for a Bee

xxxbees2A drawing made for “Heart” DA group challenge. I was a little late with this (for Valentine day) but for a contest, just in time. It took second place 🙂

Leisure Time

xxxleisureIllustration for Astrid’s book. Sunny, isn’t it? A lot of yellow Ecoline paint in the background.