Goldilocks Is Hungry

My private Goldilocks project had to wait for a while, but finally I got to next part. Goldilocks gets to the kitchen and finds bears’ breakfast on the table.

watercolor, Derwent pencils and some gouache
watercolor, Derwent pencils and some gouache

Meeting Santa

Illustration to a story by fellow DA member. It’s about poor, unhappy village boy who met Santa in the road one day.

Mostly watercolor
Mostly watercolor

Evil Fairy

This is a busy week! The funniest thing I’ve made so far is this watercolor. One of my internet friends has challenged me to draw the Evil Fairy from “Sleeping Beauty”, The one who got mad about not being invited, you know (“And when you’re sixteen, you will die!”). Painting this dress was fun! It’s based on DA stock photo, so I didn’t have to design the dress. Just paint it. The photo is here: Thank you, Ann!


Two Cousins

The Country Mouse is visiting Town Mouse, and he gets fascinated with town food. He knows nothing about mouse traps yet. My last Sunday drawing: it was started on Sunday, finished quite a few days later. A lot to do again.

Two Cousins

Bear Mom Is Cooking Porridge

Little drawing connected to Goldilocks story. Goldilocks is my private “”Theme of the Month”, which means I draw Goldilocks for myself when I don’t draw other things for other people. Now there will be a break, because my son has borrowed me King’s novel and his books are very difficult to be put away.

Bear Mom

Goldilocks Goes Out For a Walk

One more holiday drawing. Ink and gouache, that’s why some colors are really bright. Gouache is strong paint, when compared with my usual watercolor! The house she’s looking at belongs to three bears, of course.

Goldilocks Goes For a Walk

Little Folk’s Mushroom Palace

Just for fun. Gouache on brown paper.

Mushroom Palace

First drawing in 2015

Big Smile Have a good start into 2015! This is my starting piece.