Just a couple of weeks left and it’s high time to make a few drawings for friends. It’s this part of Christmas preparations I like best. Baking cookies takes second place and cleaning the house goes to the very end of the list.

watercolor, ink and gouache
watercolor, ink and gouache

5 thoughts on “Singers

    1. Thank you very much 🙂 My non-virtual friends are getting these things on paper, yes. For virtual friends it’s pulished on Facebook or here. So I use both ways.

      1. I think it would be just…wonderful…to have a circle of art friends or AN artistic friend to exchange work with/get a picture from. I can only think of one online person I met who actually sent me a small watercolor painting she made (though I can’t be sure it was me she had in mind when she painted it). Another, the first person I befriended online, sent me a scan of a drawing she did with me in mind. And, I thought that was awesome.

        I’m always doing art for people (not every year, mind you). But, few if any amaze me with such generosity.

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