2014 Inventory – another forgotten drawing

I’ve found one more! “The Princess and the Goblins” again. The princess is not allowed to stay out after sunset, because of goblins; that’s why Lootie (her nurse) is so scared. She thinks she will be fired. I’m sure this is last drawing I’m publishing in 2014, so… Happy New Year to you!

Lootie Runs Home

2014 Inventory

I’ve gathered my 2014 drawings together (well, more or less…) and I have found some I have forgotten. This is last drawing from “The Princess and the Goblins” series; the Queen and her step-son, prince Harelip. My two favourite goblins in this book.


On the Mountain Top

This is what Ariyane looks like after she has climbed all the way to the top (“Aristeas and Ariyane’s Amazing Adventures” by Jan Andre Kallestad). Best greetings to everybody who is doing pre-Christmas home jobs and feels the same way.

Tired Kangaroo

Two Brave Kangaroos

Not blogging much lately; either packing presents or drawing looooong series of Kangaroo book illustrations. The planned title is  Aristeas And Ariyane’s Amazing Adventures, the author is Jan Andre Kallestad. I’m out of Chapter One at the moment, with 12 pictures ready (and there will be eleven chapters!). In first chapter two little kangaroos are climbing high mountain. Poor things, it must be hard in such hot environment. Two Kangaroos

Dwarf Christmas Tree

Another present for a friend, and one more experiment with gouache paints. There are no trees of right size for a dwarf; I thought miniature cactus would be ideal.

Dwarf Christmas Tree


Just a couple of weeks left and it’s high time to make a few drawings for friends. It’s this part of Christmas preparations I like best. Baking cookies takes second place and cleaning the house goes to the very end of the list.

watercolor, ink and gouache
watercolor, ink and gouache