Fox Goes to the Farm

More of fox adventures. And it’s so cold here! Winter starts to bite.

The Fox

Rainbow Babies calendar

Shayla is going to publish her first poem (and my illustrations) as a book and as a calendar, both to be seen on Amazon soon.  So this week I was designing calendar with Rainbow Babies. I have also painted two more angels for my new Elance client and made a bunch of ink drawings for Clive’s Grandpa stories. We are in 7th chapter now. The weather outside makes me very efficient worker. Garden is cold and wet, and my outside activity is just taking Basia and dogs for a walk; they run back home in a hurry, too.

calendar's front cover
calendar’s front cover

Princess at the Door

I’m doing a lot of things lately, including that I’ve started a new book about angels and babies; ten illustrations planned. Baby is black, angel is shining white. But this illustration is my private one: I was searching through Gutenberg project one evening and I’ve found a fairytale I’ve never read before, “The Princess and the Goblin”. What a romantic story! In the highest tower of the castle the princess found a mysterious Grandmother, living with pigeons and invisible to most people. Sh’e just entering the room, where her Granny is spinning. The process of drawing this picture is on YouTube, too: Long time since I’ve published anything new there, so I’ve recorded this one.

watercolor, pencils
watercolor, pencils

Nutcracker Ballet

I’ve been helping to make Christmas card this week. My client had two “Nutcracker” characters ready: the Girl (what’s her name? in the book she was Marie, I think…I’m not sure about ballet version) and the Nutcracker. I was to make background for them. Characters are digital, so my background had to be digital, too; I’ve had occasion to practise painting on computer screen. Theatre

Brilliant Autumn Day

Surprise! I have painted a landscape. I’m no specialist in this branch, I know. But the world around looks so pretty in bright sun, I just had to try. This is fragment of our favourite bicycle route to Pilica, little town not far from here. Most of the road goes through pine woods. This old house is first one you can see when you go out from it. Honest watercolor this time! No additions.

Honest watercolor! No additions.

Princess Irene

It’s the beginning of “The Princess and the Goblins”, a  fairytale I’ve found in Project Gutenberg. Crayons and several colors of  inks.

The Princess and The Goblins