Vampire Nursery

“Mom, he took my teddy to train up on it!” Happy Halloween, everyone.

Vampire Nursery

Radio Taurus

One more Zodiac sign, for a friend of my friend, who happens to work in the radio. And he’s  Taurus, of course.


Tree Mallow

Lavatera Thuringiaca, the proper English name is tree mallow (or so says Wiki). Only a few flowers  have survived that long in the garden, and this is one of them. I have brought them home, outside is too cold.


Autumn in the Forest

Now the summer is over for sure, most leaves are down on ground and it’s dark just after dinner.  A lot of forest animals are drawn this week.  This bear fits best to my present environment. Even though we don’t really have bears around; one was seen in Ojcow last year (30 km from here) but most likely he had come from mountains with a short visit.

The Bear

Lonely, But Merry

Shayla has changed her mind: shopping cart may be lonely, but her book’s cover must be merry, colorful and optimistic. So here it is, totally redesigned.

Cover image

Town Mouse And The Country Mouse

Can you remember this story? It’s about a town mouse who comes to visit his cousin in the country, and invites him to town. This is wonderful fairytale and I have no idea why I have never tried to draw it before.

Ink and crayons
Ink and crayons


One more illustration to the story about shopping cart who liked to play tag. Everything goes very slowly;  sun is shining – last sunny days this year! and I just can’t sit at the desk all day. I have done a thing or two in garden instead. I’ve digged out two old bushes today (OK, my husband helped, but only with bigger one; the first one I did myself)  and I have put into ground three new ones.

Shopping Cart


Contemporary Elixir Making

Halloween is close, I’m getting ready. Inks and watercolor. This one will be for sale, it’s no commission.

Contemporary Elixir Making

Grandpa Tells a Story

I have quite a few black-and-white drawings by now and soon I’ll be coloring them. This one illustrates the first chapter.

Grandpa Tells a Story