End of Supplies

Today is 20th, so I have finished background and listed this mouse on eBay.  20th is eBay day. It helps to have fixed date, or some drawings could wait forever, unfinished. Interesting: lately eBay gives me points for my seller’s activities. A month ago my score was “average” and now is “above standard” (?). I list 3-4 drawings every month, same way and almost always at the same price, so how have I made this progress? Just like my dad was promoted to higher rank as a reserve officer every ten years or so, without any effort on his side. Being reserve officer was absolutely last thing he was interested in, but every engineer was registered as one. Nothing could be done about it. I suspect he would stay on the list even if he had run away to West Berlin, jumping through the famous wall.

ink, pencils
ink, pencils

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