Panda Painting itself, Pop-up book Pages and Planning

Long time, since I was here! Most of the time I was drawing the mysterious Halloween-style illustrations that I’m not allowed to show anyone. I lock door when I draw. OK, just joking. There are only four illustrations comissioned so far, but there’s interesting developement of this project: the story will be published as pop-up book, too, and now I’m adjusting my illustrations to “3D” version. In practice I need to redraw them completely,so that each page would fit the template with cutting and folding lines I’ve drawn before (results of home tests are positive, so I hope this will work!). Lot’s of trouble with this pop-up book, but it’s fun. There are also plans for a new book about animals. I don’t know much about this book yet, but so far I like what I was told about this job. LIttle animals drawn in Milne’s books style! Sounds promising.

The Panda clipart is a little extra thing I did last week, but it seems that this drawing will stay in a drawer. No, not in drawer: it’s going to decorate my blog.  So I haven’t lost time.



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