Racing Car’s Trauma

Racing car just after the accident. It’s awfully hot, but I really own Shayla a new picture and so I’m sitting most day at the computer. Now I’ll go out, I think: sun is getting low. And dogs are trying hard to lead me away from the screen. Interesting, people belive they are superior to animals, but it seems that our home pets can manipulate us better then we can manipulate them. OK, time to go. So says Lori. When it’s SHE who doesn’t want to go, there’s no way to move her. Pulling the collar results in her laying down immediately, and she’s quite heavy. Lori hates to be pulled or pushed around. She thinks it’s discriminating.

Racing Car's Trauma


New book is born!

Good news today: Patsy’s book is on Amazon. It can be found here:The Perfect Christmas by Patricia L. Christian. It’s the story of three Christmas trees, which I’ve illustrated last winter.

The Quarrel

QuarrelThis is, I belive, last picture made for Sara’s pirate book. No, Molly is not going to kill the parrot. She just disagrees with her. I think I will miss a bit brave captain Jane and her crew; this was a nice story to illustrate.

One More Jane

Now is hot! 28C and going up. One of two additional pirate pictures is finished today.

One More Jane

Islands of Lofoten

Here’s the last illustration made for “Tales From Lofoten”. It’s meant to be used on book cover. Finished! Or so I belive. Sara’s pirate story was finished two weeks ago, and now Sara needs two additional pictures. Brave little Jane will show her face here once more 🙂

Little Animals

Watching Sunset on a Bridge

One more Pooh. Small crayon drawing made between other things.


Back To Races

Time to come back to racing car story. We are more or less in the middle of it, and now bad things start to happen to racing car. Hitting Ground

Lucie The Ladybug

This is last illustration to ‘Tales From Lofoten’ by Jan Andre Kallestad. This is a story about very small ladybug who lives in iris flower. There will be a cover picture yet and this book is done, too! Very well, it’s high time to make some jam. We have currant and gooseberry bushes around the house, and they are rare plants which are doing great in this sandy ground.

watercolor paints and pencils
watercolor paints and pencils

Owl (With a Kindle)

And here’s second Pooh picture to be hanged above coffee machine. This time it’s my husband’s favourite character. And his favourite electronic device of all times… I’ve already made many pictures with various creatures reading in armchair next to fireplace (is there better way to spend time?) but none of them stayed at home. Now there will be one.

ink & watercolor
ink & watercolor