Mice vs. Frogs. I hope you can guess which team is doing better at the moment.  I’ve got an awful cold and I don’t feel like a worker bee, so I’ve drawn something silly again…  PS. The thing in the bottom right corner is a battery: LED generation people may have problems to recognize it.

ink and Derwent pencils
ink and Derwent pencils

5 thoughts on “Mundial

    1. I was worrying nobody remembers them 🙂 . And can you remember toy cars powered with this kind batteries? You had to chase them keeping the end of the cable, no remote controls yet… Now kids wouldn’t belive this was possible:-)

      1. 🙂 I do remember those cars too! I also remember them because I got scraped knees from tripping whilst chasing one. Those were the good old days! Try telling kids that you had to get up off your chair to change channels on TV, I don’t think they believe that either! 🙂

      2. My son, at the age of 7, laughed at us when we told him about record players and those big black longplays, 22 minutes on one side, 45 in total…. Music played with a needle! He thought record players are just like Santa Claus and dwarves.

      3. I know what you mean, technology has moved on in such great leaps and bounds, the younger generation now can’t comprehend what our childhoods and previous generations were like!

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