Owls in Color

Here’s the next part of owl project.Two Owls I’ve developed  the drawing with an owl in a bathtub, just for fun. Owl In a BathI thought the owl should have  a towel.


Owl day. I’ve got five of them so far. Owl in a bath is the last one. I can’t complain: my husband and son have reconstructed most of  kitchen floor today, preparing ground for ceramic tiles. Drawing owls is a holiday.


The Fairy Who Liked Honey

Next fairy for Jan is ready! And kitchen window is painted, too.

Fairy and Bumblebee


Ghost stories on Amazon

Here it is!


"Thirteenth Hour" is ready. Cover design isn't too subtle, but I'm not responsible for this. Just for picture in the center. Anyway, it's ready!Owls A lot is happening now, I've just started to make sketches for new Sylveco product series - it's for kids and they want owls. And there are four more pirate pictures to draw, and kitchen window to paint, too. This renovation will never end. But at least I can use kitchen sink again.

Art of Smoking

Second part of this Wonderland comission…Art of Smoking

Troll Buster

My last Sunday drawing. I’ve read Gaiman’s short story about a troll under bridge and here’s the result. No illustration, it’s just that I’ve been thinking about troll problem.

Ink, watercolor pencils and pastels.
Ink, watercolor pencils and pastels.

Jane Is Happy

The ship made it safely through the storm and Jane’s got a brilliant idea. Everybody’s happy.

watercolor, ink... just like usual
watercolor, ink… just like usual


And here’s new picture for Shayla. This racing car really should be more careful. In next spread he will roll and break. And will have to add  injuries to my model.  I wish the car could stay healthy and shiny to the end of the book; less work!


Storm Is Over

Storm is over, things are getting better. Four more pictures and book is finished; land on horizon!

Storm Is Over