Shopping Cart & Racing Car

The world outside is green and wet like Amazon jungle; it’s warm, but raining all the time. Basia has lost almost all of her winter fur. And I’ve made a lot of sketches again; shopping cart book is roughly planned by now. This time I’ve returned to old habits and I’ve done some modelling first. I thought it would be difficult to draw this car thirteen times, at various angles, keeping the perspective right. Each wheel consists of  four ellipses that need to be contructed; I feel a bit sick when I think about it.  I’m not sure if  I’ll use the models directly. I suppose I’ll rather use wire renders as a base for a drawing (that’s why materials are so sketchy – they are likely to be deleted). This is first time when I try to incorporate something 3d into a children book illustration.  I’m really curious  if this method will save me some time or not.

Car And Cart Models

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