White Pansy

I still haven’t finished with pencil work; I’ve just finished the first plan for pirate book, when Shayla has come back with idea of illustrating another poem, and there will be two more pictures for Jan. All these things demand thinking hard. I got tired and I’ve gone to the garden around noon, to draw the pansies that grow under the wall. Sometimes it’s so nice to draw a pansy that is a pansy and doesn’t need to be anything else. Pansies don’t want to interact with each other, have no actions to do and don’t need to meet anyone’s demands. How sweet. And it took 25 minutes; I wish I could do my illustrations that fast.

Simple small watercolor picture, no additions.
Simple small watercolor picture, no additions.

4 thoughts on “White Pansy

    1. Yeah, a piece of ground around the house is a good thing (even though I admit my piece of ground is half-wild, when compared with my neighbours’ well-cleaned gardens:-) ) Thanks for visit!

      1. I totally agree, even the smallest patch of earth we can call our own is special πŸ™‚ Wild is good, more wildlife will come and visit, I think. Besides, too clean and tidy means too much time on your hands, You are already busy with many art projects for that :-), Which I also think is very good. πŸ™‚

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