The Ocean Takes Its Prey

This is a story about an abandoned lighthouse and a mermaid, who lives there. From time to time she falls in love with one sailor or other, but not for long, because they get drowned too quickly. So if you think she looks creepy, you’re right: this is a dangerous girl. Watercolor picture with some digital edition, like most my illustrations.


4 thoughts on “The Ocean Takes Its Prey

      1. ah, right, watercolor–hence no canvas.
        i do design and mostly digital art myself, so i was using the term loosely.
        never did use watercolor much, but my brother’s quite fond of the medium. šŸ˜€

  1. typos previously:
    “The way the hair flows and blends in with the lines of the waves creates a cool effect,” was what i’d meant.

    also, looking at the painting again, i noticed that the notion of femme fatale is not at all apparent from mermaid’s face nor body language, but rather is hinted at by the elements, as in the storm clouds and the roughness of the waves.
    cool stuff. >[:)

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