Ghost In a Music Box

Other short story by Jan. The stories are already published in audio version. Whoever feels interested is welcomed to check here:  Very nice recordings, with sound effects and all.

Music Box

Green Man of North

One more illustration for Jan. This is a Celtic story about a very dangerous tree.

Green Tree Man


Watercolor Mermaid

I’ve drawn this mermaid some time ago, but it waited for scanning for a while. This is a little watercolor I’ve made as preparatory drawing to the big mermaid illustration for Jan (the story about bad fishy girl living in abandoned lighthouse).  I needed to practice painting water! Green Mermaid

Shopping Cart & Racing Car

The world outside is green and wet like Amazon jungle; it’s warm, but raining all the time. Basia has lost almost all of her winter fur. And I’ve made a lot of sketches again; shopping cart book is roughly planned by now. This time I’ve returned to old habits and I’ve done some modelling first. I thought it would be difficult to draw this car thirteen times, at various angles, keeping the perspective right. Each wheel consists of  four ellipses that need to be contructed; I feel a bit sick when I think about it.  I’m not sure if  I’ll use the models directly. I suppose I’ll rather use wire renders as a base for a drawing (that’s why materials are so sketchy – they are likely to be deleted). This is first time when I try to incorporate something 3d into a children book illustration.  I’m really curious  if this method will save me some time or not.

Car And Cart Models

Billina Can’t Go In

Boys have gone back to the city, the house is quiet again. One more Oz drawing before going back to serious work (assuming drawing shopping carts and pirates is serious work at all!)

ink & pencils
ink & pencils

Ozma And the Nome King

That’s what I do on holiday; read old Oz books once again… This is Ozma trying to  save Queen of Ev and her eleven children.

pencils, inks
pencils, inks

Little Mouse Goes To Bed

“Mom, are there mouses on the moon?” This is one of late evening drawings completed at the last cup of tea, just before going to bed. Sometimes it takes quite long: 10 minutes one day, 20 minutes next day and so on. And now it’s time to go and cook something; the whole family is coming back home this weekend. Have Happy Easter, everyone.

watercolor paints & pencils
watercolor paints & pencils

Thirteenth Hour

Ice dragon and white lion again.  This is cover picture for Jan’s short stories – if only Jan says everything’s fine with this piece, short stories are finished (from my point of view). It took me the whole day. I’ve made one little change and then the next one was necessary, and next… some pictures are like this. I had to redraw some parts and compose them with the rest. This time it’s digital illustration with painted elements, not the other way round (usually my illustrations are paintings with elements of digital edition). Well, we’ve had snow, rain and hail all the day long in various combinations, so computer was a nice alternative. 13th Hour

Ghost Story

Ghost StoryOne more illustration for Jan is ready. The gentleman in the background is dead for 300 years, but very friendly.