Wind In The Willows. The Mole

This is my old drawing, but this is also something new. I’ve scratched out this sketch in a zinc plate and I have trasferred it to paper using sepia printing paint (that I have bought) and old bookbinder press (that my family kindly repaired for me). I always wanted to try this. I got 5 not-too-bad copies and this is one of them, with a bit of color added with Conte crayons. Professional graphic prints are monochromatic, I know, but I still have a long way to go to this level and I’m going to have fun in the meantime. When I make a brilliant graphic print (will I ever?) I’ll leave it as it is.
PS. “Not to bad” means: the mole is visible. There are also copies where nothing is visible. This paint isn’t easy! Washing hands takes lots of time, too.


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