Or rather, it’s a bookmoth; this is a phrase we use here in Poland. Little late evening doodle made with pencil and a few markers.



4 thoughts on “Bookworm

  1. I like him! I’m so into books recently, I feel like I might almost meet your fine book moth character popping out of one of my pages 🙂 (Are you on Goodreads, btw?)

    1. I’m sure you will meet him one day when reading. Yes, I have found Goodreads lately and I have joined! I don’t have much experience how to use it, but I like it. How are piglets this year? The thousend of rainbow babies I’ve been drawing lately made me stop reading for a time. I hope they are fine.

      1. Thanks for asking about the piglets! Their story is moving along well. 🙂

        Your rainbow babies are very cute 🙂

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