Sea Witch

She’s my favourite character from Little Mermaid. I belive Sea Witch is  a mermaid, too, only that she got old and fat (what if Little Mermaid wouldn’t die young? would she look the same?)  Well, that’s how it ends. My beautiful dog Lori used to be a slim pointer and now she looks like a seal, all smooth and rounded. And she has just come to tell it’s tea time; Lori loves everything about tea time except tea. OK, I need to go and find a cookie.

ink, watercolor and pencil
ink, watercolor and pencil

5 thoughts on “Sea Witch

  1. I’m currently writing a modernisation of “The Little Mermaid” at the moment on my blog. It’s called “Azure” 🙂

      1. Actually I was thinking of Andersen’s original story. This is the one that ends so badly. I suppose Disney must have made something happier of it, but I haven’t watched it. My kids were too big and nobody wanted to go with me to see the movie 🙂 .

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