Little Surprise

A chicken who found an Easter egg;  my Easter picture for this year.



Marionettes Break Free

Pink babies are  gone, Jan’s next short story will arrive tomorrow, I have a free afternoon.  My escaping doll character in other version… this time her face expression is closer to what I rememeber  from my dream, but I didn’t have enough energy to redraw all the attic. MarionettesThis is just a small drawing with simplified background.

Last Pages…

Rainbow Babies about to fly away and start their own life. Last pages are approved. Life is beautiful.

this book belongs to...title page

White Rabbit And Friends

One more texture experiment… and two Wonderland characters, too. For me most interesting part was background, though. Ingredients: acrylic paint, pastel and toothbrush. I admit this method of making backgrounds would work better when illustrating  horror stories, not fairytales. Even a rabbit looks creepy in this environment.

White Rabbit
And here’s the creepy Mad Hatter.
Mad Hatter

Mr.Moon Is Reading

Mr. Moon Is ReadingAnd here’s one more thing finished; Rainbow Babies back cover illustration. There will be no text here, just a bar code in the bottom, so I had plenty of room for a picture.

Big Escape

I haven’t blogged much lately; I’ve been finishing many drawings at once. I will start with the strangest piece. This is mixed media drawing on yellow pastel paper.  Paints, crayons and a lot of sepia and black  ink. I’ve been working on this for nearly six weeks:  one layer on Monday, next one on Friday etc.  It’s a scene from a dream.  Oh, this was a gothic story.  It was about a doll, who claimed to be alive; she wanted to be able to move. The doll first looked like my aunt’s old doll: plastic head, movable eyelids and hand-made knitted skirt. Later she evolved into something more like a marionette. The house was old, dusty and full of old women. I’ve never seen their faces, they were silhouettes in dark corners. They gave their consent, but there was a long list of conditions. You break one rule and you never move again – that’s what I remember. I can’t recall the rules anymore, except one; the doll had a friend (I can’t remember who it was; possibly some other toy) that she was not allowed to talk with. They communicated with hand gestures, hiding hands from old womens’ view. At some moment doll’s friend found the way out, or so he belived; he gestured the doll to follow and they arrived to a place, where the floor ended. It was too dark to see what is below the edge. I woke up with a feeling I don’t want to know :). It was a vivid dream and I always wanted to draw this doll, but I was too lazy, until  one day my DA group announced a contest about nightmares… and I thought it’s now or never. I suppose my dream fits all criteria.Big Escape

Dining together

The Rat and The Mole from Wind In The Willows  again.  Crayon and watercolor drawing just for fun. A reward for cleaning attic this afternoon. 3 huge plastic bags of garbage went downstairs. On my back, of course.

The Rat and The Mole Dining Together

Nicky’s Paper House

There must a lot of space for books in any Nicky’s house. This was the main demand. This house is more complicated then the previous one, made for Mathilda; there’s a sliding element here. The curtain in the door moves aside, when you pull the edge of a book case.Nicky's paper house

Winter In Love

Winter In LoveAnd here’s the color version of this romantic illustration for Jan. There’s a lot of salt in this watercolor! Some glow effects were added or enhanced in Photoshop, too, so this is not fully traditional drawing.