Rainbow Babies no.4

“Fly away like a kite” says the fourth line of the poem and here’s the kite. I’ve been told  my last entry didn’t display correctly, at least not on all computers (thanks for information once again!) but I can see all images. I hope this was just a small lapse of internet’s  good health. Today I’m going to do  Babies no. 12, last picture; the sky is meant to get darker with each page and I want to check both ends of gradation first. And then two chapters of Clash of Kings as a reward.

Rainbow Babies 4

3 thoughts on “Rainbow Babies no.4

  1. I am very pleased to let you know I can again see your pictures and I am so pleased as they are so cute! I am off to catch the others I have been missing too 🙂 I think maybe unfollowing and refollowing might have worked or the glitch just came to an end either way I am happy!

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