More Pink Babies

I was to make some changes in colors; now second spread looks like this,Rainbow Babies 2 and the first one needs a bit edition to keep consistency. I was more happy with red scarf then purple, but now it’s purple and this is it. Like lady Catelyn said, the one who pays minstrels, chooses songs… or maybe it was Therion who said it? It’s a long book and many things have happened there, I don’t remember all details. Jaime has just lost his hand, Catelyn lost her father, and lord Bedrick seems to be immortal. Magic is waking up. Great book for winter.


3 thoughts on “More Pink Babies

  1. I don’t know if its just me but I am not able to see any image and it says its not available if I click on the space where the image should be, just thought I would mention it, hopefully it is just a glitch on my computer as another person looks like they have viewed it.

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