Rainbow Babies sketches

Several babies are sketched and now the author needs a bit of time to think… final decision isn’t taken yet, she was checking more illustrators then just one. She’s got all rights to do it, of course. Weather is getting better, only -5 C and we have made with Basia full-length ride today. When there was big frost, our trips were very short. My horse is old! I hope winter will end early this year, it’s bad time for our retired animals. We take the dog home, when it’s too cold – I mean the other dog,ย  Telesfor The Mongrel (Lori The Princess always stays home). Unfortunately there’s no way to take mares in. Sure they have their stable, but when its -18 at night, the stable freezes all over. When they were young, it was easier for them, now they are miserable after long cold night.

Rainbow Baby xxxrainbow05

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5 thoughts on “Rainbow Babies sketches

  1. I hope your temperatures start to rise soon, not just for your poor animals but for you too. I think most of the northern hemisphere is reaching out for some spring weather and warmer weather. I am so fed up with rain and grey days, not even the little bulbs are poking their head out yet, its so wet here in the Northwest of England. I love the new artwork I hope they make a decision that you are to be their illustrator ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks! I hope you have some sun soon. I’ve always imagined England should be rainy, but not non-stop, I guess:-)

      1. Me too. Where we live we are unfortunate to be in a bowl type landscape, so the weather coming from the Irish sea rises up sweeps over the rim and seems to drop everything on Bolton. I do believe that is how it got is name, because it is a town nestled in a bowl. A fun fact but not fun weather.

      2. I can perfectly understand you, we live in the middle of upland, among rocks and here’s always much colder then everywhere around. My friends have green lawns in front of their homes in town, and we have snow in the same time. Sometimes we feel it’s not just ๐Ÿ™‚

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