Mermaids for L.

Mermaids scene started with ink sketch, which was transfered to watercolor paper (old way, lamp under glass coffee table..) and abandoned for a time.  Now I have finished the sketch, too, because one of my friends needs to get a Christmas drawing quickly.

Woodpecker’s still coming from time to time, but I’m not sure he will stay any longer, because we have a new cat. We didn’t want one, but the cat just moved in and lives on the old couch standing on the verandah outside the kitchen window. There must be one cat for every house all over the village, I guess. I wonder what  they do when there are more cats then houses –  emigrate to other village?


One More Christmas Picture

This is for Nicky, who’s sister is an owner of a horse (white one) this explains why it’s  a stable, of all places.


Underwater Santa

I always  draw a few Christmas pictures for friends;  I’m afraid  they get stranger each year.  This time  Santa is a fish. I was thinking hard what could replace the tree;  stones are a possible solution, but if you can find another one, I’ll be happy to hear.

Mermaids' Santa

Christmas Trees Suplement

Main illustrations – fullpage ones – are done, now we are adding  scraps of color here and there.

watercolor, ink
watercolor, ink