WordPress informed me kindly I’ve published 200 posts so far. Good heavens, I must have done 200 pictures since I’ve started – what a huge  pile of paper! Greetings to all my followers, those wonderful patient people, who sacrifice a bit of their time to watch the pictures and sometimes to  comment them, too. Thank you. No matter if we talk about cooking or painting watercolors,  it’s always very important to have some feedback – without it, how could one improve his/hers skills? Even this simple thing, the number of “likes”, is valuable indicator for me. It really helps, and I’m grateful to you all!

And for anniversary, I’ll publish something untypical… The whole thing has been just  glued together (there’s also a back wall, not to be seen here) and now it’s getting dry. Tomorrow I will try to make a photo! Dwarf House Flat

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