Red Knight

I’m meant to plan two last Grandma illustrations now and I probably should focus on this task… but the day is dark and wet, no weather to go out except for a short walk to make animals happy. Perhaps it’s only me who thinks it makes them happy;  Basia and both dogs were very eager to go back home. Not much to cook, too, boys are in Cracow. So… before dinner I’ve stolen a few hours from my timetable to finish “Blind Assassin”. It’s one of these narcotic books. After reading half of it you’re already addicted and you won’t put it down easily.  And after dinner I’ve stolen another two hours to draw Wonderland knights, the ones who did fall down every two minutes.  Red Knight is ready, and White Knight is almost ready. Most difficult thing was to make them look unstable; I have my idea where legs of a rider should be and it was hard to ignore it! ink

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