Elder Sister’s Reading

My weekend drawing illustrates a book again, but this is a new book.  I’ve just started to read The City of Ember, a story about underground town with power supply problem.  My basic book at the moment is “Blind Assassin” by Atwood: good lecture, but totally unillustrable.  So City of Ember is book no. 2, and my book no. 3 is Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality;  I read a chapter once or twice a month. I don’t mean I don’t like it – I do! You can download it any moment, if you feel  interested, it’s free fan art. It’s just that books in PDF files always are on the end of the queue. Anyway, the two girls are from City of Ember, not from Methods of Rationality (what if one day I’ll mix them all up?). They live with their grandmother, who runs a yarn shop. I assume they must have a lot of knitted things around.

crayons and ink
crayons and ink

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