Debbie and plumtrees

Little sketch made just outside the stable; Debbie was kind enough to be my model. My Basia went her way looking for better grass, but Debbie was interested in yellow leaves falling down from plumtrees. She was eating them one by one. Maybe she liked color. Hard to belive she might like taste.


The Best Grandma in The World

“Old Man” and “The Gardener” tales are over, a new story just arrived. This time it’s a private family story based on someone’s childhood memories. It’s about three llittle girls, two dogs and one wonderful grandma.  Wall decoration is not random. Grandma (the real one) is fond of cross-stitchting and Tutankhamun on the wall is her favourite piece.

The Best Grandma

Two Rich Englishmen

Old man tells his story.  Last picture finished! Two Rich Englishmen

Almost Done

The old man is tired with trading and wants to go to inn and have a drink, but when he’s about to enter, he meets a man with sack of rotten apples and he makes one more, last-minute exchange.

Almost Done

I Should Like This Fowl!

I should like this fowl! says old man when coming to the town’s gates and he makes one more exchange with tollkeeper, the bird’s owner. I wonder if old man had to pay toll. Maybe it was part of the trade.  And how much did it cost to enter the town?

I should like this fowl

Sheep For a Goose

Filling in gaps in the story; old man is going to the fair and happily exchanging goods. Whatever he sees, he wants to buy. Perfect candidate for eBay user, isn’t he?

Sheep For a Goose

Good Wife’s Kiss

I have ruined the order and finished last picture (four more are waiting for coloring). The old man returns with a sack of rotten apples – his last bargain – and of course he’s being kissed by his faithful wife, not scolded. This way he wins the bet he made before and he gets a sack of gold from two rich English gentlemen. Nice story, isn’t it?

Good Wife's Kiss

Things Are Getting Better

In Patsy’s book one more Christmas tree finds home, and Lori is getting better.  We are lucky to have a really good vet in our area, if she wasn’t a skilled surgeon, the dog wouldn’t survive.  Our convalescent has got amazingly big appetite, so she must feel much better now, it’s not just wishful thinking. She looks rather funny in a tight blue body she’s wearing now – to prevent her from licking her belly – but looking funny is surely better then being that ill.

Christmas Tree Finds Home

First Exchange

Old man from Andersen’s story is going to make a series of exchanges when going to the fair, and each of them makes him poorer. This is the first exchange: a horse for a cow. I’m trying to do simultaneously two tasks – this story and the one about Christmas trees – and to take care of our poor dog, too.  She’s ill and we aren’t sure what exactly the problem is. Hopefully tomorrow we are told. Great news of the week is that our elder son has got his master degree on September 30th and he’s starting a PhD studies now, but at the moment Chris’s success is overshadowed by Lori’s sore belly.

First Exchange