Stay Away From Hula Island

This picture was made just for myself.  The idea comes from the book I have read in the childhood. It was highly surreal story titled “Stay Away From Hula Island” (my translation). Hula Island was ruled by a fairy quite similar to Circe from “Odyssey”. This one used to change people in blue birds, not pigs. When a traveler got so enchanted that he was ready to admit she’s all made of gold (in reality the fairy was just a blonde girl wearing white dress) he was lost. The book tells a story about little girl who wasn’t deluded so easily, but the girl liked dresses sooo much… and when she got them, it would be rude to say “your dress is still white, Madam”, wouldn’t it? Because the drawing was made just for fun, I have tried out mixing lot’s of things here, including gold acrylic paint in he background.

Hula Island

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