Things Are Getting Better

In Patsy’s book one more Christmas tree finds home, and Lori is getting better.  We are lucky to have a really good vet in our area, if she wasn’t a skilled surgeon, the dog wouldn’t survive.  Our convalescent has got amazingly big appetite, so she must feel much better now, it’s not just wishful thinking. She looks rather funny in a tight blue body she’s wearing now – to prevent her from licking her belly – but looking funny is surely better then being that ill.

Christmas Tree Finds Home

5 thoughts on “Things Are Getting Better

  1. Lovely sketch of winter….so Christmas-like. Brrrrr… still-hot and spicy Indian blood doesn’t really look forward to winter even after 16+ years in Canada. I’ve come to love snow, snowflakes and how winter makes everything quiet and beautiful.

    1. I wouldn’t mind winter if only it could be shortened to… let’s think… four weeks? One month for watching snowflakes, this would be great. Keep yourself warm. All I know about Canadian winter comes from “Grace & Grace” by Atwood and I believe this is a serious thing.

  2. Joanna,
    I just love the story sketches you’re doing! I feel like a kid….can’t wait for the next one.

    Btw, I used to feel this way until someone pointed out the obvious: Great weather = massive population! Snow for thought, eh?

    1. Happy to hear it 🙂 And about winter – you mean there would be more people on the planet if the climate would be more kind, do I get it right? Well, this is something to think about… OK, it may be snowing.

      1. Yes, that’s right. The earth is huge but the weather makes it hard to spread out.

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