Old Man Is Always Right

There is one more Andersen story to illustrate. It’s about an old couple living in a small cottage, the horse being their only valuable posession. So the cottage goes first.

ink, watercolor and some digital enhacements here and there
ink, watercolor and some digital enhancements here and there

Pool Party In a BathTub

ImageMy Sunday drawing is for DA contest this time; one of groups there, deviantARTSupporters, is having a birthday and holding a contest to celebrate. The subject is “Pool Party”. Why not… My party is a miniature one. On the first, preparatory sketch there was a female dwarf, but she looked so sexy in her bikini that perhaps I would have to mark the drawing as “adult content”, first time in my life. After thinking twice, I have erased her.

Barney in Color

It goes faster then expected. The picture with happy Barney-tree is ready. I must admit I have helped myself with Photoshop; the puddles of water are created digitally.

watercolor, ink, Derwent pencils and Photoshop
watercolor, ink, Derwent pencils and Photoshop



A new poem by Mrs. Nazimek. Moonlight must be good for poetry, there’s more night scenes in these poems then daylight ones.

watercolor paints and pencils + a bit of digital edition
watercolor paints and pencils + a bit of digital edition

Barney Finds The Buyer

Sketch for next scene. One of  three Christmas trees – his name is Barney – finds a buyer and he’s very  happy. Happy Christmas Tree


Christmas Trees Go To Town

Christmas trees project came back. Preparations are over, now it’s time to draw a picture or two. The tree being unloaded will loose his top during the operation and he will be very unhappy about it (he, because this is a boy- tree).

Christmas Trees Go To Town

Happy End

The gardener has lots of space now for his favourite  non-snobbish, simple plants, and the story comes to the end. Maybe I should do the same and plant burdock and nettle? Our garden is half-wild already and this way it would be my plan, and not dereliction of duty.

watercolor, ink
watercolor, ink


And so the gardener finally got rid of ugly old trees and ravens, too. Ink,  watercolor, and a bit of digital edition. Not much this time, but the lightning has been made more shiny.


The Princess And Artichoke Flower

Next scene from Andersen story. Watercolor, ink and digital edition. Some shadows were darkened, some details sharpened. Just like usual with my illustrations.
The Princess And The Flower of Artichoke