Ten sheep going down the road in sunny environment, and one of them is a horse in disguise, yes. It’s one more children poem written by Mira’s friend. This friend is Jadwiga (= Hedwig) Nazimek and she’s publishing her poems in internet (only in Polish, I’m afraid). I’ve never met Mrs. Nazimek, but she must be an interesting person;  her main hobbies are writing for kids and training karate. Next two poems I’ve got to illustrate are for elder kids and they are still funnier. Here I’ve discovered I lack a word – they are funny, true, but this is not exactly what I meant – and I’ve had a look to dictionary. This is good side of writing in English for me. Sometimes I need to work on my vocabulary. I’ve found “snazzy”, but the word doesn’t tell me anything. If “snazzy” tells the difference between “Alice in Wonderland” and “Little Princess”, this is it.

Watercolor, acrylic, crayons.
Watercolor, acrylic, crayons.

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