The Gardener

What a heat! It’s +28 C now and tomorrow it may be 30. Yes, there are hotter places on Earth, but I’ve never been there. I’m not used to hot weather. Here is always cold. Almost. Luckily the northern side of our little house hasn’t warmed up yet; some wise people long ago built a thick limestone wall there, all the way along the kitchen, hall and the room which is our bedroom now (50 year ago it was inhabited by a cow, a horse and chickens). Well. maybe they weren’t so wise, just sparsam. Limestone is cheap stuff on Jura upland. Anyway this wall stays cold long. I’m sitting under it now (on outer side) and I’m planning a new series of illustrations. Great classic story: “The Gardener and the Family”. Here’s the first drawing of the gardener.

watercolor, ink, Graphitint pencils
watercolor, ink, Graphitint pencils


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