Dragon Pet

Herbs are all over, time to draw something stupid again. Like a dragon in the boat. Who might want to keep a tamed dragon? Probably some wizard or a witch, they like strange animals. Where does this witch go and why by boat? Β I don’t know yet, but when I have an idea, I will do another drawing. I feel this dragon pet theme will be continued. This is just first sketch.

watercolors, crayons and black ink
watercolors, crayons and black ink

5 thoughts on “Dragon Pet

  1. Your herb drawings were great! But I do love this. Not “something stupid” at all. I think it looks like a book I would want to read to my grand kids as well! I can see their faces light up all ready!! πŸ™‚

    1. You’re very kind! I’m not too good writer, but please feel free to invent your story πŸ™‚ If grand kids have suggestions, let me know, I will try to incorporate new information in next drawing. My kids usually had lots of suggestions . Unfortunately now I’m in in-between age (kids planning marriages, no grand children yet) and I have no help.

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