Spring Stock-Taking of Beetles

My weekend drawing’s finished. Something about springtime again. The idea is:  it’s time to count, who made it through winter and who not. Survivers are buzzing all around. I have ants in the kitchen and first spiders in the corners of the windows. I like my home spiders, but I really wouldn’t mind ants returning under floor, where they belong. You see, I live in typical Jura-region country house, half of it made from wood, half of stone. Stone part was, originally, built for animals. Wooden part was for people.  We have improved the house quite a bit, but the wooden part still stands  directly on the ground; this is hard to be changed without disassembling the whole building.  One day, when we had crazy idea to inspect the bottom side of the floor planks, we discovered that 30 cm below  floor was sand, and milions of ants lived there. We were outnumbered, so we had quickly put the planks back to  show our willingness to keep peace.  So far ants haven’t come for us, but in spring they send out scouts.

watercolors, ink
watercolors, ink

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