The Magic Journey of Cornelius Fudge

This drawing has emerged from an audiobook. For more then half a year I was listening to “Millenium” – lot’s of bad things happened to Lisbeth Salander, but now she’s fine – and now I’ve got two last Harry Potter books. I’ve abandoned the series when our boys got too old to read it (I was borrowing from them) but I can’t get old and die without knowing how this epic story ends. I’ve just started the “Half-Blood Prince”. Fronczewski is reading, so it’s quite funny! Fronczewski is kind of actor who could read a Journal of Laws and make it amusing. I don’t know what will happen in the next chapter nor where the plot is heading to, but in the very beginning of the book Cornelius Fudge jumps out from green flames to meet the Prime Minister and this is it.

ink & watercolor
ink & watercolor

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