Baby Oak

One more illustration to Acorn story. I’m afraid I  don’t keep the right order,  this one will be placed just after the underground house.  And Debbie’s just fine after her first ride this winter. Today she has gone out just to the meadow, but when I was going back from my walk, she was practising short gallops  here and there behind the fence.  Once she didn’t managed to make the turn and she had fallen on her back… it didn’t spoil her good humour at all. She thought for a moment what to do about it and then she  wallowed in the snow. This animal is just mad, sometimes. (That’s why it’s not me who’s riding her. My Basia is a good quiet horse!). The main problem with curing a fullblood is that they have just two modes, on and off. When Debbie was in “off” mode she walked slowly and she was very cautious. Now it seems she’s  “on” again.

watercolors & digital
watercolors & digital


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