My Sunday afternoon fairytale. I felt like drawing something green and sunny, the day is cold and gray. But Debbie went for her first ride today and she was oh-so-happy! Did I ever mention the mares? Probably not, I usually write about drawings. Drawings are inside, and horses are outside, so these two things don’t connect. Anyway the crazy idea of keeping own horse was the main reason why we have bought the wooden house with no running water and moved to the country 15 years ago.  There are two mares here, Deborah and Basia. Deborah’s been here for 7 years, and my Basia for 11 and she’s an elderly lady now. Debbie is middle age, but it was her who got ill in November and had to be cured all winter long (I will not explain what it was, it’s a bit too difficult for my English). First two weeks she walked just from the stable to the gate and back, then she started  to go out to the meadow behind the house, and then she was taken for walks to the forest; just like you might walk  with a dog, only she’s bigger. And this morning my husband brought her saddle for the first time this winter and Debbie was so eager that she tried to take it out from his hands and dress herself .  Then there was a little disturbance, because Debbie didn’t agree with the idea of slow walk… but she came back smiling, and she smiles all day long.


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