Tweedledum and Tweedledee

The huge crow is coming… this is first drawing I have made for myself for a long time (or rather it’s central part of it).  Not much time for random ideas now,  the acorn story is not finished yet, and the one about little dancers is about to start.  So, this is an effect of lazy sketching in bed, last half an hour of the day, when I don’t feel like doing anything clever and demanding. I’ve chosen gray paper, because I’m going to color it one day and I hope darker background will help to get dusk effect. But this must wait a while, coloring pictures in the bed has  very bad effect on bed cloth.  It’s  worse then eating in bed. Still, it’s better then when Lori feels cold and lonely and crawls into the bed, hoping her master will not notice…  Of course it happens rare. Lori knows it may provoke my husband to force her away to the garden (biggest disaster in pointer’s live; she hates the kennel!) so she does it only when there’s  a good reason. For example, when some mad people outside play with fireworks. Or when she’s ill. Or when she was just about to have puppies and she got in panic; Lori understands puppies when they are outside, but she doesn’t accept the process of giving birth.  It was hard night for all of us, you can belive me.  And imagine what the bed looked like! No, better not. Don’t imagine.

black marker 0,1 mm
black marker 0,1 mm

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