Old house in Pilica

My last years’ New Year’s Resolution was this: at least once a month time I will draw something real. To get better, you know.  I’m ashamed to admit that I have drawn exactly 3 serious pictures from last January. The rest of this stuff were elves, pixies and fairytale scenes. One I’ve finished today. This is real house, standing at the real street in real little town 3 kilometers from here. Like other old wooden houses around,  it’s painted yellow (why? was yellow paint the cheapest one?)  I’m not quite pleased with the result, but.. well, not every watercolor picture turns out to be a full success. 


2 thoughts on “Old house in Pilica

  1. For only your third real serious picture this year, your finished house is quite charming and nice. Good work on the house details (roof and porch, and really like your full trees.

    1. Thanks, this is very encouraging! I find hard to like my landscapes, because I can compare with original and I see where things went wrong… With pixies, it’s no problem. Still, I think I will go on, for educational reasons 🙂

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