Cookie Dwarf

I’ve started to manufacture Christmas cards. This one is for Nicole (hello, Nicky!), and it’s painted with watercolors and tea. A bag taken out of tea is fantastic tool to color background quickly and evenly. You can have your background in any color, as long as it’s yellow. (Is that how Ford automobiles were sold? Except that they weren’t yellow, I guess.)  I know someone painting with coffee, t00.  I haven’t tried coffee yet, I drink much more tea. And did someone ever try Cola? Or these multicolored lemonades?

Watercolor Christmas Card
Watercolor Christmas Card

The Gryphon and The Mock Turtle

Third part of my orange paper. Hello, Wonderland! Another pair of strange animals. They were talking about underwater  school, as far as I remember. And they both considered Alice to be dumb. Poor girl, she just

Alice in Wonderland

tried to make sense of the school program.

Virgo again

A friend of mine asked for one more Virgo (I had no idea there are so many Virgos around..) so I’ve made same Zodiac sign again. This Virgo is much more relaxed.Zodiac sign

The Observatory in The Lonely Mountains

Second piece of the orange paper. Pastel pencils again, but this time it’s  “Comet in Moominland”. A very good orange-paper story, because the whole journey takes place in red light of a comet coming near. Mommintroll goes to observatory to ask the Professors, when the comet will hit. And they will probably say  ‘In 2012,  according to Mayan Calendar’ . Who needs some old observatory, when everything is explained in internet? But Moomintrolls had no computers, just radio. Comet in Moominland

The Walrus and The Carpenter

I found a forgotten piece of orange pastel paper in a drawer. I’ve bought it two or three years ago, so it waited long enough. I have divided it into four parts and that’s what I did with the first one. On the Other Side of The Looking GlassOrange color turned it in a sunset scene just on its own, with no effort from my side.


My Sagittarius seems to be a malicious boy, I’m afraid. But I’ve imagined how he shoots and smiles to his intended target at the same time and I suppose this would be quite creepy. Zodiac sign


Just like usual: black ink, white ink, watercolor pencils and some paint, too. Next Zodiac will be finished tomorrow. Who knows,  maybe I will have all 12 of themZodiac sign this year.

Old house in Pilica

My last years’ New Year’s Resolution was this: at least once a month time I will draw something real. To get better, you know.  I’m ashamed to admit that I have drawn exactly 3 serious pictures from last January. The rest of this stuff were elves, pixies and fairytale scenes. One I’ve finished today. This is real house, standing at the real street in real little town 3 kilometers from here. Like other old wooden houses around,  it’s painted yellow (why? was yellow paint the cheapest one?)  I’m not quite pleased with the result, but.. well, not every watercolor picture turns out to be a full success. 

Christmas Fairy

I fully agree that starting all this Christmas/Santa Claus business a month too early  is stupid! Still for some reason I always start to draw Christmas pictures in November. I know I lack logic.   So… who is it? One of the little fairies, who used to light candles on the tree. Now they probably fly around and fix light bulbs.  Still, when  a fairy of this kind meets a candle, she can’t help but light it at once. Old habit. Fairy The Candle Lighter