I’m not here, you haven’t seen me!

Sun vanished and each day is colder then previous one. Our pointer, Lori, got a cold and she had a throat ache.  She couldn’t eat, or at least she couldn’t eat without suffering (she tried, though) . She was sure she would die soon (DOG CAN’T EAT!) and she kept telling us this twice an hour or so. I’ve spent two days comforting a dog and covering her with a rug. In the meantime I have installed SketchUp, sent out some  files to get rid of minor jobs and I’ve drawn one small picture. It started as ink drawing, but then I’ve colored it with watercolor paints. Now it’s not ink drawing anymore, not a true watercolor painting, and it  doesn’t resemble what is called “line and wash” technique, too.  To make things even more complicated, I’ve used a pastel stick to add shadows on tree trunks.  So, what is it now? I just don’t know.I'm not here, you haven't seen me

The Peacemaker – Digital

An experiment with digital painting. I’ve used pencil sketch, made for a watercolor picture. It was  scanned  and placed in  the base layer. It’s my first attempt and I needed a guide!Digital version


The afternoon was so warm and sunny, that even our lazy dog decided to go out. I could go outside, too, and paint something – unbelivable! In October! Last chance this year, probably. Unfortunately there’s no single flower left in the garden, there was a serious frost last week. I had to grab a pot from the window sill and take with me. So, this is a pot flower pretending to be a garden flower.Watercolor


One more Zodiac sign. I’d better hurry up with this series…   InDesign is over, but next book is already waiting – Zodiacabout Google SketchUp! I’ll have a chance to use my formal  education. I’m an architect, who never built anything, but now I’ll have to  model  a building or two.  Is virtual architect still an architect? I suppose not, unless for fully virtual people (Sims?)

Zodiac again!

One more zodiac animal.  I wonder if I’ll make them all before 2013. ..


The thing is steered with levers on both sides; when they are  leaned forward, it goes forward. When one is forward and one is back, it turns. Color inks & pastel pencils.