I’ve got a job to do again, one of these dull things coming from the publishing house I work for;  holiday’s  over… and I’ve got a fairytale to illustrate for a friend, too. I’m going to come back to this topic, but at the moment I’m too confused: someone’s parents get changed into sth else,  nun hides in the forest,  a little boy pretends he’s a little girl, an now a crocodile entered the stage! And a squirrel. My friend hasn’t had time yet  to explain it properly, she’s just sending short descriptions of scenes she wants me to sketch. I don’t want to complain, but our cooperation is a bit like playing blind man’s buff and perhaps I will illustrate different story then the one she writes. Well, tonight I’ve made a break and I’ve come back to my Zodiac series. It seems so wonderfully uncomplicated! The Leo is a present for my other friend, zodiacal lioness, so her name is included.



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