Renata’s fairytale

Things start to clear up,  and my sketches, one by one, are turned into full-color illustrations. The king shouldn’t talk to this woman! She’s a witch, and soon she will destroy the whole royal family (except baby boy, who will be saved by his nun) and overtake the kingdom. 


I’ve got a job to do again, one of these dull things coming from the publishing house I work for;  holiday’s  over… and I’ve got a fairytale to illustrate for a friend, too. I’m going to come back to this topic, but at the moment I’m too confused: someone’s parents get changed into sth else,  nun hides in the forest,  a little boy pretends he’s a little girl, an now a crocodile entered the stage! And a squirrel. My friend hasn’t had time yet  to explain it properly, she’s just sending short descriptions of scenes she wants me to sketch. I don’t want to complain, but our cooperation is a bit like playing blind man’s buff and perhaps I will illustrate different story then the one she writes. Well, tonight I’ve made a break and I’ve come back to my Zodiac series. It seems so wonderfully uncomplicated! The Leo is a present for my other friend, zodiacal lioness, so her name is included.


Forest Life

This is a fast drawing for a DA group contest (fast, because the contest ends tomorrow). The subject is “Forest Life” (more information:

Forest life

Forest pixies, who live on trees, move freely in their environment due to strong claws on their feet. They can even walk upside down, as you can see here; this is pixie family emigrating to another branch. Pixies can’t be spotted easily, their hair makes them look like moss or lichen. This is their unique mimicry method; elves pretend to be butterflies (see the elf specimen on the right side of the picture). Pixies are still active this time of a year; they eat a lot and give noisy parties. In the end of November they will fall in winter sleep.


My own sign of Zodiac now. There will be more, I guess, my friends have already made a list.Zodiac in watercolor


Experiments with watercolor pancils today. Wasn’t easy to make a scorpion smile!

Hodgkin’s Boat

Exploits of the Moominpappa, next step: Hodgkin’s boat. It starts off thanks to Edward the Booble, bathing in the river.
Exploits of Moominpappa

Hemulen’s Aunt

At the moment I’m going through Moomintrolls series again… Did you know, Moominpappa was an orphan? And a terrible Hemulen’s Aunt took care of him.

Hello world!

Hello! My name is Joanna (in short form: Asia) I live in Jura Upland (Poland) and I work at home, doing things for a publishing house. English is not my native language, but I want to practise writing in it – one of important goals of this blog! Sorry  in advance for all mistakes I’ll make.  What else do I want to do with this blog? Well, some of my drawings will show here, I guess. My hobby is to illustrate fairytales and children books that everybody knows, or to draw scenes from pixies/elves/dwarves life.