One boy, three pictures

I have found three ways to draw this boy. Now I’m asking everybody what looks best. If you share your opinion, dear reader, I will greatly appreciate.

Daisy Ella’s Sparkle Search

My proposition of the cover picture for Lauren’s book. I belive this is the most girlish book I have ever illustrated. Good luck to you, little fairy!

A Bat

Today: trying to draw a nice bat…


My beautiful niece, Ania. My sis has taken several shots when Ania was playing a Spanish dancer or whatever it was… I don’t know much of dancing, but Ania does! She’s been training ballroom dancing. I have mustered my courage and tried to make a portrait based on this photo, the best I could.

Daisy Ellas

All Daisy Ella watercolor pictures, waiting to be packed and sent to Lauren. Almost. There will be one more for the cover, and Daisy Ella is ready to go and conquer the world (or maybe just Amazon)

Daisy Ella in bad mood

Finished! I hope Amazon debut will cheer the fairy up. The planned title is “Daisy Ella’s Sparke Search”, and the author is Lauren Sarfas. Good luck, Lauren!

Daisy Ella

The little fairy is Daisy Ella, and she belongs to a book by lauren Sarfas: “Daisy Ella’s Sparkle Search”. Coming soon, I belive. I have almost finished painting pictures.

Smart Mouse and Stupid Cat

Two heroes of the book written by Lili Houzvickova. The mouse always wins, of course.

The Storm

This is definitely the most dramatic page of a new book, “Die K├╝rbisprinzessin” by Astrid Seehaus. It’s about a girl named Roberta, her dotted cat and fairytale friends. There is also a super-fast growing pumpkin. Good luck, Roberta!