Smart Mouse and Stupid Cat

Two heroes of the book written by Lili Houzvickova. The mouse always wins, of course.

The Storm

This is definitely the most dramatic page of a new book, “Die K├╝rbisprinzessin” by Astrid Seehaus. It’s about a girl named Roberta, her dotted cat and fairytale friends. There is also a super-fast growing pumpkin. Good luck, Roberta!

The Sailor

They are not final characters, I already know there will be changes. But I like this mouse. Brave little sailor, isn’t he?


Sylveco drugstore (my version). Ink and watercolor.

Hedgehogs and Bears

New job from Sylveco. Many little animals run over my desk now.

The Lost Thing Goes Out Into The World

Fan art on truly ancient watercolor paper. It belonged to my Grandma, when she was quite young.  My mother has found it in the bottom of a drawer. A3 block, no cover, so the make is unknown to me. The paper is still good, just yellow. The lightest part of the street, this is the “white” of this paper. The characters belong to Lost Thing movie, one of my most favorite animations ever.


This is another watercolor picture for Nicky. Roses are hard to draw; you do your best not to paint a chocolate box decoration and still make them look good as they deserve. Usually it doesn’t go too well. I’m not completely satisfied but this is a small step forward, when comparing with my previous rose picture.

Flowers for Nicky

Watercolor flowers for my friend Nicole.

Something sunny

New Year, new pictures to draw. This one is for little Mathilda. I have promised her something sunny.