Troll Soup

I’m not sure what they are cooking. I don’t know enough about trolls.xxtrollsoup

Three Little Pigs (And Wolf In a Chimney)

xxxthreepigsThis drawing went to Nicky. Pencils, mostly. I got new Koh-i-noor crayons lately. I like them! And they aren’t that terrible expensive like MadeInBritain stuff.

Spring cleaning

xxxzajackThis one was finished about Easter. My first picture painted (not all of it, but considerable part) with water brush. Useful little tool. Precious, when you care for even coloring.

Egg Hunt Master

xxxmisiekRabbit thinks too long, Eeyore doesn’t belive in himself and Pooh gets easily distracted: I’m sure Piglet’s a winner of the game. This is Easter picture for a friend and also an experiment. It’s all gouache. A bit of pencil, too, but no watercolor this time.

Little Violin Player

xxxhammelinThis is a miniature Hamelin musician; his job is to get caterpillars out of the garden. Ink, watercolor and little additions (watercolor pencil, white gel pen)

Valentine for a Bee

xxxbees2A drawing made for “Heart” DA group challenge. I was a little late with this (for Valentine day) but for a contest, just in time. It took second place:)

Leisure Time

xxxleisureIllustration for Astrid’s book. Sunny, isn’t it? A lot of yellow Ecoline paint in the background.

Rose bush in watercolor

xxxrosebush17x21A litlle experiment with wet-on-wet technique today.


xxxhiacynthSpring’s coming!