Walking a Ladybug

ladybugwalk23x17It was snowing all day long and I felt like drawing something sunny. Watercolor & watercolor pencils.

Little Girl And Her Pet Dragon


New book about dragons has started! This is the beginning. About 20 pages wait to be painted.


xxxdryadOne more experiment with gouache & watercolor combination. Last time it was a naiad, river nymph, and this is dryad, the ghost of the tree. Actually the idea behind was less important to me then the paint, this time :) Gouaches differ from watercolor in more ways then just being more opaque.

Little Man And His Pet

xxbabyandcatA little exercise on Fabriano paper. This paper scans with deep texture but in this case the texture is not very annoying, I think. Probably because the drawing is so simple.

Moon Influence

xxxcatsA drawing made for DA group challenge.  I think this time I have used everything: ink, paint, pencil, pastels… true mixed-media category. Couldn’t be more mixed.

The Dryad

Experimenting with gouaches :) Poor girl, she had to stand a lot of trials and errors.xxdryad

2015 Summary

Nothing more to clean, nothing more to decorate, so I have made a little summary of my 2015 year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!calendar

Telesfor and Cats


This theft takes place each time when our dog gets his bread & butter. Ever since the kittens arrived in September, brought in by their mom (when she saw they got a meal, she simply left them here). I suppose the cat problem will be solved when two little criminals go to visit another backyard. Not every dog in the neighbourhood is a master of Zen.

Harvest Moon Picture

xxpixieFound in a drawer, unfinished… this was a sketch for an illustration, but so many changes were requested that I have never used this piece. Now I have added some color.