Harvest Moon Picture

xxpixieFound in a drawer, unfinished… this was a sketch for an illustration, but so many changes were requested that I have never used this piece. Now I have added some color.

I’m Sure I Have Forgotten Someone

This is a little drawing inspired by monthly challenge from one of DA groups; the subject is “Madness” this time (anyone wants to join? 5 more days!). So, this is kind of madness which happens in December. Specially to people who have big families and many relatives. xxmadness

Life Beyond Mars

“Dad belives there could be life out there!”. Late evening drawing which has just made itself. Ink, watercolor, Derwent pencils.


The Autumn Girl

Based on a photograph of sweet little girl named Kimby. It’s not exactly a portrait: I draw all kids with round faces and round eyes, in children’s books fashion. Kimby also is rounder here then in the photo, but I feel there is some likeness.  I wish I could draw truly photographic portraits one day! I’m not sure if I will live long enough to learn, though.


The Little Dragon

Another book is slowly advancing. This is a story about a little boy and his dragon pet. As you can see, dragons are great companions and have thousands of uses.


Book Is Finished!

Hi, Ma!This book is ready and just published in digital format: print is planned. This is first illustration to a very special book, designed to help kids to master the art of reading. And so all words in this book are no more then two letters. Text on this page, for example, goes like this: Hi, Ma!

JImmy Page for Michal

Jimmy PageHappy Birthday, Michal!

Tea Time

I’ve just bought a new tube of gouache paint; raw umbra. This is test drawing. Yes, everything’s fine with this paint.

Gouache and pencils on yellow paper
Gouache and pencils on yellow paper


DroughtThis is busy month, but now I’ve drawn something for myself – at last! Pencils and watercolor. Inspired by our present weather conditions.