Gerda Meets The Witch

xxks2This also “Snow Queen” story, and also a Christmas present. This one is for Mathilda and Mathilda is seven years old, that’s why I wanted to make it sunny.

Snow Queen

xxks1Christmas picture for Nicky.

Summer Roses


An exercise in loose painting.

Little Snow White and Seven Ladybugs


This is how one of my Inktober sketches evolved… In this story, it’s the girl who finds (and saves) her prince, not the other way round. Why not! We are modern people.

Surprise! In color.


The Inktober sketches are very good material for coloring. I have experimented with mixing two kinds of paints and pastel pencils. Paper is patient, like old saying goes. It’s usually said about written exercises, but in this case also true.

Inktober Day 31


My last Inktober drawing this year: Day 31, “Friends”. Day 31 is tomorrow, so I’m a bit early with this.

Inktober Day 29


One of these bad days in Three Little Pigs House… Inktober Day 29, topic: surprise.