Snowman Paul Goes to Print

xxxbigsnowmanFour books about Snowman Paul’s adventures are printed now. This was a BUSY month! And when books are printed, Snowman Paul is going to take part in Moonbeam competition which starts soon… I belive he won’t be shy, in the second book he became the winner of Olympics Games.

Alice and Caterpillar Again

xxalicjaThis is one of most popular scenes ever, I think. There are thousands of Alices on DeviantArt or Pinterest, and half of them are portrayed with the caterpillar and the mushroom… Well, in a hot afternoon I have made one more Alice and one more mushroom. There are several inks here – umbra, sienna, magenta – and several pencils from Derwent and Koh-i-Noor.

Fly Hunt

xxhuntThis is my entry for new DeviantsGallery challenge: DRAGONS! I belive very small ones could have survived till today.

Playing With Fairy


I’ve got an e-book lately about J.W. Smith and her illustrations, and this drawing is definitely fan art! No exact copy, but there are many elements borrowed. In original picture there’s a boy playing with blocks at home and watching woods outside. Interesting thing is that letters on his wooden blocks say: LAS and DOM (“woods” and “home” in Polish). Did the famous American illustrator know? Or is it a coincidence? I was truly surprised to find familiar words from my own exotic language there.

Red Riding Hood

xxkapturekGouache and pencils. Just for fun.

The Lonely Tower

xxxlonlytowerA moment of relax… Rapunzel in salad-green dress. She was named after a salad, so I think it fits.

The Phantom of Cold Gray – last one

xxxghost-gray.jpgOne more scanned today. I have run short of my Fabriano postcard-size paper, so this is definitely last phantom coming out of Liquitex watercolor bottle.

The Phantom of Cadmium Yellow

xxxghost-yellowOne more…