Little Mouse Goes To Bed

“Mom, are there mouses on the moon?” This is one of late evening drawings completed at the last cup of tea, just before going to bed. Sometimes it takes quite long: 10 minutes one day, 20 minutes next day and so on. And now it’s time to go and cook something; the whole family is coming back home this weekend. Have Happy Easter, everyone.

watercolor paints & pencils

watercolor paints & pencils

Thirteenth Hour

Ice dragon and white lion again.  This is cover picture for Jan’s short stories – if only Jan says everything’s fine with this piece, short stories are finished (from my point of view). It took me the whole day. I’ve made one little change and then the next one was necessary, and next… some pictures are like this. I had to redraw some parts and compose them with the rest. This time it’s digital illustration with painted elements, not the other way round (usually my illustrations are paintings with elements of digital edition). Well, we’ve had snow, rain and hail all the day long in various combinations, so computer was a nice alternative. 13th Hour

Ghost Story

Ghost StoryOne more illustration for Jan is ready. The gentleman in the background is dead for 300 years, but very friendly.

Shopping Cart Poem

Time to make first sketches for Shayla’s next poem, and so I’m sketching shopping carts and racing cars.

shopping cartHere’s the shopping cart.
racing carHere’s the racing car
…and now I think I’ll send this to Shayla and go to the garden. Sun is shining again.


One more flower from the garden.



Mrs. Mouse

Mrs. Mouse

Crayons and watercolors. It’s no illustration, it’s my afternoon break.


White Pansy

I still haven’t finished with pencil work; I’ve just finished the first plan for pirate book, when Shayla has come back with idea of illustrating another poem, and there will be two more pictures for Jan. All these things demand thinking hard. I got tired and I’ve gone to the garden around noon, to draw the pansies that grow under the wall. Sometimes it’s so nice to draw a pansy that is a pansy and doesn’t need to be anything else. Pansies don’t want to interact with each other, have no actions to do and don’t need to meet anyone’s demands. How sweet. And it took 25 minutes; I wish I could do my illustrations that fast.

Simple small watercolor picture, no additions.

Simple small watercolor picture, no additions.

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