ink, pencils

ink, pencils

More animals… The author wants an elder moose with longer hair, so this moose stays with me. I guess he’s thinking about the end of summer.

End of Supplies

Today is 20th, so I have finished background and listed this mouse on eBay.  20th is eBay day. It helps to have fixed date, or some drawings could wait forever, unfinished. Interesting: lately eBay gives me points for my seller’s activities. A month ago my score was “average” and now is “above standard” (?). I list 3-4 drawings every month, same way and almost always at the same price, so how have I made this progress? Just like my dad was promoted to higher rank as a reserve officer every ten years or so, without any effort on his side. Being reserve officer was absolutely last thing he was interested in, but every engineer was registered as one. Nothing could be done about it. I suspect he would stay on the list even if he had run away to West Berlin, jumping through the famous wall.

ink, pencils

ink, pencils

Story for Basia

Many more animals this week, forest and farm ones. One of stories is about unhappy Palomino horse who hated its job in circus. I should read this to Basia, she would be deeply moved. No grass! And so much hard work! Basia consideres trotting to be hard work, and she has already forgotten all about galloping. At her age she’s much too wise to hurry up.

Here’s my first drawing of poor Palomino.

Unhappy Circus Horse

Happy Hare

 I’ve had interesting afternoon. Three sketches are made, my first attempt to draw new book’s characters: this hare is one of them. Now I’m waiting to see what will happen. happy hare

Panda Painting itself, Pop-up book Pages and Planning

Long time, since I was here! Most of the time I was drawing the mysterious Halloween-style illustrations that I’m not allowed to show anyone. I lock door when I draw. OK, just joking. There are only four illustrations comissioned so far, but there’s interesting developement of this project: the story will be published as pop-up book, too, and now I’m adjusting my illustrations to “3D” version. In practice I need to redraw them completely,so that each page would fit the template with cutting and folding lines I’ve drawn before (results of home tests are positive, so I hope this will work!). Lot’s of trouble with this pop-up book, but it’s fun. There are also plans for a new book about animals. I don’t know much about this book yet, but so far I like what I was told about this job. LIttle animals drawn in Milne’s books style! Sounds promising.

The Panda clipart is a little extra thing I did last week, but it seems that this drawing will stay in a drawer. No, not in drawer: it’s going to decorate my blog.  So I haven’t lost time.


Elf And Toad

I’ve been doing changes to Shopping Cart illustrations  lately; Shayla had the feeling the cart should be more realistic. I took care of my abandoned garden, too. Amazing, under the layer of weed I’ve found most of my seeds, doing very well in the shadow. The exposed ones suffered more during July heats. Finally, I have drawn a picture for a contest. Contest is for fantasy book illustration, and main characters are: elf girl in pink dress, an evil toad, gnome and tarantula (the last two were optional). Not a bad set! I just had to try. Here’s original drawing, the contest holder got edited image. This time it was mostly about the sky; sky area was meant to be rather smooth, to make a good background for text.

watercolor pencils and paints

watercolor pencils and paints


Getting Better

The tenth spread in Shopping Cart Story. Racing car’s still complaining, but it’s getting better.


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