Elf And Toad

I’ve been doing changes to Shopping Cart illustrations¬† lately; Shayla had the feeling the cart should be more realistic. I took care of my abandoned garden, too. Amazing, under the layer of weed I’ve found most of my seeds, doing very well in the shadow. The exposed ones suffered more during July heats. Finally, I have drawn a picture for a contest. Contest is for fantasy book illustration, and main characters are: elf girl in pink dress, an evil toad, gnome and tarantula (the last two were optional). Not a bad set! I just had to try. Here’s original drawing, the contest holder got edited image. This time it was mostly about the sky; sky area was meant to be rather smooth, to make a good background for text.

watercolor pencils and paints

watercolor pencils and paints


Getting Better

The tenth spread in Shopping Cart Story. Racing car’s still complaining, but it’s getting better.


Dancer for Marta

I have a friend in Warsaw who’s got sometimes very unusual ideas about watercolors I might paint. These are not typical comissions, each one is a challenge! This year’s challenge is a dancer photographed at rather special angle. My friend provided me with a reference image, of course. Just one little thing was wrong. The dancer in the photo was all black: her skirt, her tights etc. And my friend wanted a white dancer. So there was room for imagination in this project, after all.

Big watercolor drawing, about 45 cm high. For me this is giant format!

Big watercolor drawing, about 45 cm high. For me this is giant format!

In Specialist’s Hands

Another picture for Shayla. The racing car is seeking help. There’s a program about good sleep on the radio and they say some people sleep 4 or 5 hours and it’s perfectly normal for them, they just should stop to torment themselves trying to sleep longer. What a wonderful natural talent! I sleep eight hours, or nine, if nothing happens to wake me up. My life is going to be much shorter.

Another Mermaid

And so I have drawn entirely new mermaid. I think this one fits better to author’s description. What will come out of this, nobody knows.
Mermaid in Watercolor

First sketch for Sad Mermaid

Working on a scene featuring sad little mermaid sitting lonely on the sea floor. This is first drawing I have made, but she should have a shell neclace, as I’m told, and here I can see no place for neclace… so I guess this sketch is not final. Still very hot, but there’s been a storm tonight and it has helped a bit.

Mermaid in Pencil


Four-Broom Drive

I took a little break to draw something silly, because I wanted to try out this idea. This must be much more efficient then riding one broom, don’t you think? And MUCH more comfortable. I think I will make a better drawing of this vehicle one day, bigger and more detailed. But first I need to make a car or two for Shayla.

watercolor, ink and pencils

watercolor, ink and pencils

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